Understanding ARTS Advocacy

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The Arts and the Economy

Effective advocates are well informed. Fortunately, there are many reports, studies, and publications that are available to you.

The Economic Impact of the Arts.  Americans for the Arts partners with local arts councils throughout the country to measure the impact the nonprofit arts sector has on the economy. The studies are updated every five years. Both national and local reports are available.

Creative Industries Reports.  The term “creative industries” covers a broad range of businesses, nonprofit and commercial, that produces or distributes the arts. Taken together, these arts-centric businesses have a significant—and growing—impact on the economy and community vitality.  National and local reports are available through Americans for the Arts.


Americans for the Arts

Provides leadership, advocacy, visibility, professional development, research and information to advance support for arts and culture

National Art Education Association

Largest professional art education association in the world

New York Foundation on the Arts

Provides leadership, advocacy, financial and informational support for artists and organizations

New York City Arts In Education Roundtable

A community of arts education practitioners that shares information, provides professional development, and communicates with the public to promote their work 

New York State Council on the Arts

State fundraising agency for activities of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations

New York Council of Non-Profits, Inc.

Works to build the capacity of nonprofits and communities, in an effort to enhance the quality of life in New York State.  The organization provides a wide array of specialized technical assistance services, including legal and financial, to nonprofits of all kinds in a staff-based, multidisciplinary team model. 

Institute for Museum and Library Services

Independent Federal agency supporting the nation’s museums and libraries

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Free arts-related legal assistance and workshops for low-income artists and arts organizations

Reports and Articles of Interest

Economic Impact, Arts Education and Making a Case for the Arts in your Community

Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 - National Report

Download the National Report here.

Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 - Westchester County

Download the Westchester County Report here.

Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 - Western New York

Download the Western New York report here.

Creative Industries Report 2017 - National

Download the 2017 National Creative Industries Report here.

"Making a Case for the Arts in an Increasingly Techonological World," Creative Start -Ups

"Why Should Government Support the Arts?" National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

"Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts on Learning," E. Fisk, Editor

"Beyond the Core, Advancing Student Success Through the Arts," Emily Workman


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