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$250 annually

Designed for:

Nonprofit arts/cultural organizations incorporated in NYS that are tax-exempt

NYS-based unincorporated arts/culture groups

NYS-based artist collectives

NYS businesses and for-profit enterprises

Process: Submit membership form along with payment of annual dues.


$50 annually

Designed for:

Individual Artists of all disciplines that live in NYS

Arts administrators and cultural organization employees that live in NYS

Members of the NYS creative community

NYS arts advocates


Process: Submit membership form along with annual dues.

About Our Membership

ArtsNYS represents a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to advancing the arts in the Empire State. We hail from all corners of New York and are united in the belief that the arts uplift our communities, improve our wellbeing, and foster vibrant local economies.

Membership to ArtsNYS connects you to a network of arts service organizations, arts administrators, artists, and other champions from across New York. By pooling our experiences and aligning our voices, ArtsNYS advocates persuasively for expanded public investment in the arts. Over the last five years, we have built relationships with legislators and policymakers throughout state government to promote the role of the arts in education, commerce, health, and civic life.

Additionally, ArtsNYS works to aggregate information and opportunities for members to advance their own priorities. By hosting conferences and workshops, ArtsNYS expands its members’ ability to locate capital, develop programs, and, most importantly, create art.

Our members are as diverse as our industry, and our membership model accommodates partners of all sizes equitably. Organizations’ dues obligations depend on the size of their operating budgets, less any regrant money or in-kind support. Dues may be paid by check or online.

ArtsNYS accepts applications for annual membership on a rolling basis, which will be valid for 12 months following the dues payment.