OLD Economic Impact of the Arts

Why do the Arts Matter in New York State?


  1. New York State is home to 53,085 arts-related businesses that employ 335,683 people. >more
  2. New York City’s nonprofit cultural sector generated $5.8 billion in economic impact and 40,500 jobs. >more
  3. The economic impact of Westchester County’s nonprofit arts and culture industry is $119.88 million with 3779 jobs. >more
  4. Greater Buffalo’s Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations is $155.2 million. >more
  5. The nonprofit arts and culture are a $21 million industry in the Northern Adirondack region that supports 506 jobs. >more
  6. The Arts in Onondaga County yields $70 million and 1060 jobs. >more
  7. In Monroe County, the arts have an annual economic impact of roughly $200 million and yield over 6,300 jobs. >more

That matters!