The Arts Matter

Advocate For An Increase
in NYSCA’S 2016-17 Budget

NYSCA funding was at an all time low during the financial crisis.  While in the past two fiscal years, it grew, much of the increase has been used for economic development projects that are beneficial to community, but do not directly make up for losses in funds for the creation of art, funds for arts education, funds for general operating expenses, and funds to sustain long term programs.

The Governor’s Executive budget does not include an increase for NYSCA in 2016-17, but keeps funding level.

ArtsNYS is seeking a $5 million increase this year and we will be meeting with legislators to achieve this.

We urge you to contact Governor Cuomo and your state legislators today, urging them to include a $5 million increase for NYSCA in next year’s budget.

Click here to visit the Action Center.

Read the letter ArtsNYS sent to Governor Cuomo urging him to provide a $5 million increase for NYSCA in FY 2016-17 here.